Friday, January 9, 2009


Trailer Loading

Trailer Loading is going good as you can see. She never really had any problem with the trailer. So far everthing has been pretty easy for her (knock on wood). I have been pretty lucky with her. No real problems and a mind that any horse trainer would love to work with everytime. I hope everything else goes this easy for me. Those backflips and hand stands are not far off now!


  1. WhoooHoooo, she's lookin' hot...great job!

  2. Wow, that was cool. I liked the whoa at the end, she just tucked her hiney and stopped. Nice!

  3. Kyle, are you doing the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy race on her? She looks great!

  4. Show off :)

    No, really, she's looking good, Kyle! And I agree, you and Kevin both need to enter those little mares of your's in the race. Deadline for entry is just a couple days, though, so better get your video ready!