Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here She Comes

Bella Day 21

So its not much and I am no profesional but it works. This is a few videos i took yesterday.

She is coming along good. Still a little jumpy but not to bad. Her stops are coming along good along with everything else. I rode her around outside yesterday for the first time. I plan on trying to get her out to the Back Country Horseman New Years ride in the tree farm on New Years day. She is definately going to be a competitor

Maybe we will see you there. Should be a good time

Friday, December 19, 2008

A little more riding. Bella is coming along just fine. She is right were I want her to be. I could not ask for any more at this point or any less.
I will have to say that the weather is putting a kittke damper in the training. Not to bad since I am indoors but the 10 degree temperature is a little hard to bare for long periods at a time. None the less I am making good progress on her. Her ground work is going awesome and riding is coming along great.
Soon she will be doing backflips and hand stands. I guess you will just have to come back to see more.

First Ride


Day four of training is a success. I got on her with no problems. She stood there like she had been doing it her whole life. Almost like she was wondering what took me so long. I guess that is what good ground work gets you. Don't leave any holes unfilled (thank you Ken).
She is turning out to be a joy to be with. she is coming up to me when I go and get her now and she looks almost excited to see me in the morning.

Now thats what I am talkin about

This is day three with Bella. She loves the tarp.
This was her first time in the arena and she went straight for the tarp. She thought the the tarp was base so she would run and stand on it. I worked her in the round pen ther for awhile with people everywhere. Steve was walking around picking up her messes and kicking balls at her.
O can not wait to see what the next day is going to bring. So far she has been a dream. I think I might ride her tomorrow. We will see how far we get with her ground work.
This was Bella's first day of training. Today was my day to see how willing she was going to be. By the end of the day i was brushing her from her nose to her but. That is as far as she was willing to let me get for now.
She is looking much better now that I got to get all the nasty wind braids out of her hair. The Tale is next.
So far she seems very willing> She is a very curiouse little pony. Seems that she really wants a friend.


I know the blog is a little late but bare with me.

This is Bella on Sunday 12/7/08. The day after we brought her home. I let her have the day off after ther long journy back to arlington.
She ended up being on the trailer for about twelve hours since we had a little truck trouble and had to change the alternator. She was just fine though when we got home.
Day one of training will be on 12/8/08.