Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here She Comes

Bella Day 21

So its not much and I am no profesional but it works. This is a few videos i took yesterday.

She is coming along good. Still a little jumpy but not to bad. Her stops are coming along good along with everything else. I rode her around outside yesterday for the first time. I plan on trying to get her out to the Back Country Horseman New Years ride in the tree farm on New Years day. She is definately going to be a competitor

Maybe we will see you there. Should be a good time


  1. Excellent work! She's really listening nicely to you...enjoy watching your progress!

  2. Wow, looks like she's doing great!

  3. Looking good, Kyle! Nice little snow plow you got there :)

    Pilchuck on New Years, eh? Hmmm...if it's not too cold or nasty I may have to think about that. Haven't been on Jet in over a month and she's probably going to be a real piece of work when I hit the trails again, though...