Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok so its been a little while since i gave an update on Bella. I will have more movies and pics of her soon. What I can tell you is this. No I have not had her in any shows and I am not winning any ribbons of of her but she is going to be a horse to compete against an Oregon.

I will give you a little about where she is at. More will come with the video and pics. I don't want anyone thinking that I am full of it.

Right now I could not ask Bell to be any further along. She has given me everything and more. on day 48 of training i took the bridle of and rode her bridless in the arena. With no bridle she was turning and giving me sliding stops. Doing it so well that I was almost speachless (almost). Not very often that I am short of words. I have since continued to ride her bridless not yet outside the arena though. Her stops are amazing her go is awesome. She has a side pass to die for and her spins are coming along just fine. On day 50 I took her on a long hard trail ride with the BCH and had a lot of fun. Water no problem, bridges a piece of cake, mud whats that. This horse is amazing.

This last Sunday I took her up to stargate ranch and rode in the big riening arena. There where horses everywhere. Sliding, spinning, and flyin around the arena. We just did our own thing. Worked on our own stops and transitions. Really workin on the fast pace stuff.

For those of you that like a horse that can ride the range like I do, this is the mustang to have. Don't let her size fool you. She can cover some ground with the best of them. You can through your rope and crack your whip off of her too.

Feel the need to do some stunt riding, no problem. You can jump on from both sides and the back. Stand up on her and even do a backflip without her moving. Oh yeah and you can get on and off her normal just fine too.

Bella is one of the most enjoyable horses I have ever had the opertunity to work with. It is really going to be hard to part with her. I am really excited to see what the last half of training brings.

Like I said I will have video and pics of her up soon. Wouldn't want people to think that I am making these things up. Come back and see the proof.


  1. Kyle, your previous photos have all shown a very level headed, balanced mare. I have no doubt she's doing well, video or not!

    We still need to get together. Friday or Saturday of this week? What's your work schedule?

  2. I look forward to seeing videos and picks. Sounds like a neat mare.